Banded Peacock

Banded Peacock
Blue Mountain Swallowtail
Papilio ulysses

Found in Australia and Indonesia; known for brilliant, metallic blue coloration; have an average wingspan of approximately 4 inches; the signature butterfly of The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Common Blue Morpho
Morpho peleides

Native to Central and South America; among the largest in the world (average wingspan of 5-8 inches); vivid, iridescent blue coloration is a result of microscopic scales on their wings, which reflect light

Danaus plexippus

One of the most recognizable species in the world; annual migrations from eastern North America to the mountains of Central Mexico, and from Western North America to the coast of California; rest for the cool winter months in large aggregations, which may contain tens of millions of butterflies

Paper Kite
Idea leuconoe

Native to Southeast Asia and parts of Australia; floats in the air like a piece of paper drifting in the wind; its wingspan, averaging 3-4 inches, is accented by a spectacular black and white pattern

Dead Leaf
Kallima paralekta

Native to Southeast Asia; gets its common name from its remarkable camouflaging ability; when its wings are folded shut, the Kallima paralekta resembles the shape and coloration of a dead leaf

Green Malachite
Siproeta stelenes

Neotropical, native to regions of Central and South America; named after the mineral malachite, which is similar in color to the bright green coloration found on its wings

Dryas julia

Found in regions of Central and South America; a member of the longwing (heliconian) family; larvae feed on poisonous passionvine, making the brightly-colored adult Julia distasteful to birds and other predators

Banded Peacock
Papilio palinurus

Primarily found in Southeast Asia; known for its iridescent green coloration, which results from light being refracted by scales on its wings

Emperor Swallowtail
Papilio ophidicephalus

Average wingspan close to 5 inches; largest swallowtail in South Africa; ophidicephalus means "snake head", referring to the mimic eye spots found on its hindwing


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Branson's Favorite Holiday Tradition Returns for 6th Season at The Butterfly Palace

Oct 29, 2012

On November 1, thousands of white tropical butterflies take flight as White Flight returns for its' sixth holiday season at The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure

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