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Conservation - The Butterfly Palace

Conservation - the action of conserving something, in particular. Preservation, protection, restoration 
of the natural environment, ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife.
The benefits of butterfly farming are virtually endless. It has grown into an industry that brings income to local families and provides an alternative to logging and other negative actions that aid in the destruction of the rainforest, ultimately creating a sustainable rainforest economy. That isn’t the only benefit. Many of the farms have extensive research and education programs, that allow people to travel from all over the world to research and learn about this mind-boggling ecosystem. Some farms are open to the public and fit into the realm of ecotourism while others are closed to the public but carry the same passion and dedication to educating.

The Butterfly Palace imports its butterflies from all over the world. We have listed each farm that these butterflies may come from and a few facts about them. They each have a different story but in the end share the same purpose. By visiting The Butterfly Palace our guests are helping purchase more pupae from these farms and therefore, helping save the rainforest.
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